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Masayuki Tsukada


Masa is a Japanese National Hero. His life story is similar to that of the character “Nameless” in the Jet Li movie. Losing his family early on to the ninja attacks on his homeland, he spent the first two decades of his life perfecting the ultimate move using samurai swords.

Once he became the most powerful samurai alive in the world today, he met George Strait in a bar in Kyoto. As they sat drinking their whiskeys, he decided to leave it all behind. George convinced him to pursue the role of Country Music Superstar. To achieve this goal, Masayuki moved to Nashville.

The rest is history. Masa’s CD came out in the Summer of 2005. It has spread to stores everywhere! I have had huge success selling autographed copies on E-Bay. Anyone with a few million dollars, bid away.

Masayuki Tsukada

Here is a picture of Masayuki tearing up the Dragon Guitar. The Tsukada clan has mastered the Mystic Chords that were thought to be lost centuries ago.
Masa has become a Guitar God.

Masayuki Tsukada and Jon Yodis

Jonathan Yodis and Masayuki Tsukada. Nashville Blizzard of 2003.
We are both smiling because the rest of the population was buried in the snow.