Jonathan Yodis


Web Developer



Web Development

I’ve been working in web development for more than a decade – from small businesses in the Nashville – Atlanta area, to companies that span the nation and worldwide. Working together, we’ll bring your business increased traffic, high return on investment, and customer satisfaction.

Marketing / Sales

Everything from magazine advertisements to television shows on HGTV: I’ve worked on projects across the full spectrum of marketing and sales. Previous experience includes brand promotion, small-town product sales, and national product marketing and sales. Lately I’ve become proficient in a variety of online advertising and social media tools.


I’ve been putting together e-commerce stores and packages for almost a decade. Supervision of sales, coordination and creation of web advertistements, and exponential increases in revenue due to online stores I build and maintain – the background and experience are there to boost your business.

Photography / Image Editing

Recently I’ve been working together with other consultants on side projects ranging from photography across the country to video editing of small / medium events. Utilizing top of the line video and camera equipment, my partners and I are finding much success in this new avenue of work.